Our Values

We strive to be the best medical document provider on the internet. With dozens of templates for dozens of medical professions, DoctorsNote.org aspires to aid medical professionals in their path to success.

Aside from our product, we believe in the following values:

Ownership Amongst Our Team

We believe that every staff member has the ability to make our company better.

We Don't Strive for the Short Term

We believe that long-term sacrifice always trumps short-term gains. We believe in investing in the future.

We Are All Part of the Structure

We believe that our staff should be collectively building the service and company of our dreams.

We Believe in Going the Extra Mile

We believe in fantastic customer support - going beyond delivering what simply "works". Discover what satisfies.

We Strive to Do What's Right

We realize that what is right isn’t always synonymous with what is easy.

Full Transparency

We believe in sharing information. Sharing mistakes. Sharing victories.

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