Days will come when you absolutely don’t want to go in for work, school, or just need to get out of something. A doctor’s note is often good to assist in this. Sometimes it might even be required to get the time off without trouble but seeing your doctor for real without a problem just isn’t feasible and can be expensive too, especially for people without insurance. Whether you use an excuse for something major like miscarriage discharge papers or something more simple like the flu, you need to get your false excuse right the first time so you don’t get caught.

However you make the fake doctors note look like, make sure it appears perfectly professional. Today’s doctor notes are much more complicated then in the past. They contain far more information than those used only 10 to 20 years ago and have more security measure embedded in many of them as well. You’ll need to be sure that you have accurate information on there like including an address and phone number. What you put on the paper is important to creating authenticity. Many higher ranking officials won’t believe a simple excuse written on white paper. Some might others won’t and will expect more colored paper that acts as a security measure in the real world. Be sure to get the look of the note looking proper so you won’t face any questions.

Also consider that certain conditions you claim should come from different sources. Something serious like miscarriage discharge papers may best be believed if they come from a hospital or at least an OB/GYN clinic. Simpler things can come from just a regular family practitioner like a sinus infection. If you’re claiming a mental or stress issue then create the fake doctor’s note as being from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Remember to keep it simple. The more complicated your note is the more likely questions will be asked about your false doctors notes. If you are worried that your boss may call the number to verify the claim make sure you’ve got call verification on hand. Paying a simple charge will allow you some room if your supervisor calls the number so someone will answer and say yes, you were there at the doctor’s office (even though you really weren’t).

Be careful with how you present your false doctor notes and how often you use them. They must look legit and can help you to get an extended period of time off when you need it to destress, take a vacation, or some other reason. Yet they technically are not considered legal because one didn’t really visit the doctor at all and therefore are not sanctioned. You don’t want to get caught and then end up in trouble with the local law enforcement. Keep it simple, don’t create a lot of questions, and you might just get your time off fine using your own personally made fake doctors notes.