Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. When we’re hung over, for example.. we sometimes need to take a day off to relax.

To some people it may seem like a good idea from time to time to call off from work or to skip a few classes of school, just because they need a break from it all, have a hangover, stayed up late, or just was plain lazy on that day. So they take that day (or two) off just to do whatever it is that they needed to do, then realizing that they need a quick excuse and will have to come up with a return to work letter to explain to their boss or teacher exactly why they were not at work on those days.

People nowadays are actually getting their doctor to write fake excuses for them, and people are buying the excuse from the doctor, and the doctor are making a profit for doing this task for them. Not at all thinking what could happen to the doctor, the worker or the student if this bad idea was revealed by someone who does not appreciate people who go to this extreme extent to deceive people.

There are also online sample forms that you can fill out to write your excuse about why you were absent and you can fill out the free template and it gives you a excuse right there from the internet, you print it out and take it to work or school with you. To some people they may see this as a form of convenience but it is a very bad idea because the consequences from acts like this can be terrible. I’m sure the sample templates online can be easily found to someone who gets suspicious about whether the excuse is legit or not. If this bad idea is ever discovered by someone I am sure.