The work place has changed, and as business owners and managers must tighten the purse strings, they are becoming less and less generous with paid time off. In fact, as competition for jobs becomes increasingly stiff, missing work can easily lead to dismissal. The problem is that sometimes you simply need a day off. That is where well developed fake doctors notes come into play. Thanks to modern technology and internet access, it is now easy to find a fake doctors note of all kinds that look 100% authentic.

 Finding The Appropriate Fake Doctors Note

Fake Doctors Note
Fake Doctors Note

As you search for the right fake doctors note for your particular needs, you must keep a few things in mind. First, the fake doctors note must appropriately excuse the amount of time you are taking off. You would not miss a week for an emergency room visit and a diagnosis for a sprained ankle, but this would be a great fake doctors excuse for an impromptu mental health day. On the other hand, if you need a few days in a row, you might want to go with something like an infectious rash or mono. Either of these will make your boss want you to stay away.

 Your Fake Doctors Note Must Be Believable

There are a lot of details to consider when putting together a believable fake doctors note. The note must be written on letterhead that appears to belong to a doctor in the right geographical era. The name of the doctor should be authentic as well. “Smith,” “Doe,” and such will serve to arouse suspicion. A name that is common enough not to spark extra attention is ideal for a seemingly authentic fake doctors note.

The content of your fake doctors note should also be realistic. Doctors notes usually contain just enough information to serve the purpose. If you look at some examples of medical slips, you will see that the notes only contain the bare minimum in information. If you add too much detail, your doctors note will become obvious that it is a fake document.

Finally, the type of doctor, the injury or illness, and you and your lifestyle must match. If you are known around the office for living a sedentary lifestyle, your boss is certain to question a doctors note citing a sprained ankle from a ski trip; likewise, if you are in your 20’s, you are not likely to have a doctor’s appointment regarding your prostate. Your fake doctors excuses will be most successful when you have paid close attention to all of these details.

 How To Find A Fake Doctors Note

An online search will lead you to some excellent examples of doctors notes and hospital emergency room notes, as well as funeral notices and jury duty summonses. You can review a free fake doctors note template and play around with adding content before you make a purchase.  Find a few options and play around with a template or two to find the doctors excuses that work best for you. A quality fake  doctors note will have clearly printed letterhead, and some might even have watermarks. Consider all of the potential examples before choosing the one that works best for you.