Often times when we are younger we simply did not want to go to school, because we didn’t feel like it. This is most common in teenagers, who get bored with school, or are on the verge of dropping out, but are not brave enough to do it. So, their parents are at work, and they do not go to school. The next day they have a huge problem, they need a note, or get an unexcused absence? When I was in school, if you had an unexcused absence, you had to go to ISS= In School Suspension, which you may still get away without your parents finding out. If their parents were not even aware they didn’t go to school, they certainly can’t ask them for an excuse note to school, so do they take a chance and try to write it themselves? They might, but now there is a better solution, or at least an alternative to that problem.

There is a company that will provide you with an opportunity to choose from several different templates of fake excuses for free or a small charge. You simply go to their website, choose a template, fill out the form for school or work, or whatever you may need, they will get you fixed up. For example: the note might say, Please excuse Johnny from being absent yesterday, he went to the Dr. Seems like a great idea, unless of course, you get caught. Schools often notify parents a child was absent without the student even knowing. Also, if the school tries to verify the note, it will backfire. They may even try to notify the doctor to verify the note. So, bottom line, it is really better to just go to school, or let your parents know you were absent. I know this scenario all too well, because I was one of these students, who was bored with school, but not brave enough to try and quit. I would make sure my mom was gone to work, and go back to sleep. I always used the excuse my clock didn’t go off, so I missed the bus, and my mom couldn’t come home and take me, my parents were divorced, so my dad wasn’t there, so I had to stay home, but mom wouldn’t write me a note, so I would have to go to in school suspension. My mom always taught me, ‘you will eventually get caught’, and she was so very right, every time! So, be honest, do it right the first time, and you won’t have to squirm or back pedal, and try to explain how you got a note, and why you just didn’t tell the truth. So, as always, remember, ‘honesty is the best policy’ no matter what the situation is.