Doctors Note
Doctors Note

There have been a lot of jokes made over the years about bad fake doctors notes; these were doctors notes that were obviously not authentic, and were meant to be funny.   However, if you truly want or need to take a day or a few days off from work, there are ways to do it without it having effects on your grades or your paycheck.   A quick search online will show you site where you can view and play around with a template of a fake doctors note to create something that will work for your particular situation. One of the best fake doctors note websites we like is


A Doctors Note From General Practitioners?

A fake doctors excuse from your family doctor is ideal for a last minute day off.   If you think of all the reasons you might see your family doctor, those reasons might include flu like symptoms, migraine headaches, pink eye, or strep throat.   You would visit your doctor and he or she would prescribe the necessary medicine, and you would be back at work the next day or perhaps another day later.   You can take a day or two off, and return with a doctors note from your family doctor stating you are no longer contagious.

Doctors Note From An Emergency Room Visit

Another great cover for an impromptu day off would be a visit to an urgent care or an emergency room.   You must be careful to cite an injury or illness that is acute.   You do not want to carry on a lie for a long period of time to justify a little vacation.   Chest pains that are actually just reflux symptoms make legitimate doctors notes, as does an injured wrist or ankle.   Medical slips from facilities rather than independent doctors look a little different, so you will want to look at a few samples to insure that the one you choose is convincing.   Clearly printed letterhead and a faded watermark are two fool proof details that will make a doctors note look believable.

Doctors Excuses From Specialists

For time off that you are planning ahead, a doctors note from a specialist might be more appropriate.   An outpatient procedure with the dermatologist might take a day with an extra day for recovery, while a doctors notes regarding a scheduled surgery with your ob/gyn or your gastroenterologist could buy you an entire week.   Again, it is very important that you choose something that is believable and that will not require that you feign on going symptoms when you return.

Make Your Fake Doctors Note Believable

You will likely be pretty impressed by the quality of the examples you find, but you must be aware of every detail.   The letterhead should be printed neatly and perfectly centered, and the doctor’s note should be concise and authentic sounding.   Once you find the medical forms you wish to use, you can print them out at home and hand them in.   The contact information on your doctors note must be verifiable; this means that wherever you get your fake doctors excuses, the numbers are designed to ring into a coordinating office or voicemail.   Thanks to HIPAA laws, a suspicious teach or boss can really do nothing more to ensure that the doctors note you are using is real.  IF you are looking for more information on this topic, another site that we enjoy for research purposes is to check out  This is a great resource.


How To Get Away With A Fake Doctor’s Note

Have you ever wanted to just take a break from work for a few days and do something that you want to do? Every gets that way; it’s easy to become overworked. If your boss won’t give you a few days off, there are other options to taking a break from work. The option that is easiest and most highly recommended is to use a fake doctor’s note.
Why A Fake Doctors Note?
There are many advantages to using a Fake Doctors Note. First off, it gives you a perfect unarguable excuse to get off work. Your employer doesn’t want you there getting other people sick, and he can’t force you to come into work sick without risking getting in trouble with the law. By using a doctor’s note, which he won’t be able to tell is fake, you can get away with it easily.These excuses also have the advantage of lasting numerous days, without any need for you to go back to work on a specific day. As long as it’s reasonable, your legit release can last as long as you want, from two days to a week.Steps To Getting Away With ItYou have to be very careful when using a doctor’s note to avoid getting into any trouble. There are certain steps that you can take to ensure that you won’t get caught. This foolproof plan will prevent any incidents from occurring.Step 1 – Order The NotesYou need to start by ordering the almost free notes from These are as legitimate as they come and look very real. They are a safe bet and will get you out of work every time. They have the same format as the notes that are used by doctor’s themselves, and include a realistic doctor signature to fool your boss. You can download the templates really easy and have your realistic doctor’s note in no time at all. Each template will work for various illnesses.Step 2 – Get The Family In On ItThere is one big mistake that a lot of people make that gets them into trouble — they don’t tell their family. Always get your spouse and kids in on the reason that you will have an absence from work. If your boss calls home to leave a message and talks to someone in your family, they may reveal that you aren’t truly sick if they don’t know what you’re up to. Give them a heads up!

Step 3 – Coming Up With An Illness

This part is easy as long as you have a computer to do a little bit of research. You need to find a medical illness that lasts only a few days, which you can fake the symptoms for. It has to be something a dr. would excuse you from work or school for. Drs. will print a note for a lot of illnesses, but there are some that they won’t. Do heavy research before choosing a Texas sickness. Think of what Kaiser Permanente doctors would give you a note for.

Step 4 – Turning in the Note

It is always a better option to give your note to a coworker to turn in so that you don’t have to face your boss directly. A lot of people tend to get nervous and have trouble acting sick when they have to face their boss directly. While the cracked, nervous voice may help, it isn’t worth the risk. If you absolutely have to talk to your boss directly, mentally prepare yourself before going in.

Step 5 – Clean Up Work

You need to wrap everything up. When you head back to work, act a little tired and barely recovered. You really have to sell it that you were sick. Clean up any loose ends that you may have left open and get back to work. You will most likely have a lot to catch up on.

Want to Do It Again?

Getting a free doctors excuse by using a fake doctors note template works very well, but you shouldn’t do it very often. If done a lot, your boss may start catching on to what is going on. Be very cautious and take at least one to two months of work before you put on another sick act. If you decide to do it again, come up with a different illness.

If you need some more tips and tricks on doctors notes, check out